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 SHANA TOVA - HAPPY ROSH HASHANAH September is the beginning of one of my holidays - a wonderful philosophy for a "Fresh Start". Our Holidays sees G-d write us into The Book Of Life for yet, another year.  We all hope we are worthy of this privilege. :) I've used an image from IKE, of IKESWORLDCHALLENGEBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM .   This month I returned to IKE'S CHALLENGE as one of the Designers for IKE'S incredible art.  Her sketches are some of my favorites to use to dream up a creation. This is new for me - to stick to my Style - ACRYLIC POUR - and to find ways to integrate IKE'S wonderful digital images on to, or into the POUR.  I am up for the challenge! I've used IKE'S MEZUZA SERIES - a TORAH specifically, which is a Hebrew Bible written on a piece of parchment and placed inside of the ORNATE TORAH, and rolled out and read during The Rosh Hashanah Service. If you have any questions about technique, or products used, please click the 3 dashes at the top