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 NEW SERIES - All About the Night Sky I was so pleased to see that I can combine my various styles of art...this was a "fluke!" Aren't so many of our art pieces like that. This piece was created using the typical Acrylic Pour Technique a la Bloom Style.  I dried it outside, varnished it outside, then Photographed it outside - and voila!  The shadow is a reflection of me taking the picture. Once I realized this integration of styles (Photography and Painting and of course Nature's Artistic Palette) is possible, I am in the midst of creating a NIGHT SKY SERIES that will have various reflections within them.  Some reflections I'd like to use are ones taken directly from Nature. If you have any questions about technique, or products used, please email me.  I'd be happy to answer anything, and share what I have learned along the way in the art process, and how exactly I created this piece and reflection. Be Blessed Always, Samara ART SHARED WITH THESE CHALLENGES: A


  BEACHING IT!   The Ocean Series ๐Ÿ’งWho doesn't love the look of a rolling ocean, ๐Ÿ’ง a tide washing up ๐Ÿ’งor waves crashing on the sand? This Ocean Series idea was developed with a brand of pigments (powdered paint) called This Little Piggy Pigments , from their first Anniversary Party.  This Little Piggy Pigments are rich and bold, or soft and sparkly, or romantic and dreamy - whatever look you are going for.  The best part - they last forever - very little pigment (with added Pouring Medium) needed for each pour.   SheleeArt hosted a party of some of Shelee's fav Artists on You Tube, all creating The Beach Theme.    I've been creating Galaxy Series and Ocean Series for the past 2 years, simply because they display my favourite colors and Earth Element.  It was so inspiring seeing other Artist's take on creating an Acrylic Pour Beach Scene.   Because of the substrate, techniques, tools, surfaces available to use, the series has endless possibilities.  Anything you c


๐Ÿ’™  WELCOME to SAMARA POURS! It has always been a dream to bring my ART into your home. From the first  ACRYLIC POUR , there was no turning back.  All other styles of creating fell away and Acrylic Pouring took over my days.   Getting messy, getting colorful, getting texturized  - I was hooked.   Warning  - Pouring is very addictive!  In the blog post, I will be posting "my process" of an acrylic pour, detailed instructions, and substrates and tools used to create the pour, from beginning to end. On my SIDEBAR will be a gadget with all ART FOR SALE.  You can email me with any questions regarding the process or a purchase. I hope you enjoy my art in your home, as much as I enjoy creating it. Be Blessed Always, Samara