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Today's Pour is a combination of my own Acrylic Pour Style, with the addition of IKE'S Zombie Fish. The Pour came out with these funky "macaroni noodle" looking things, and they seem perfect for a sea floor.  And IKE'S Zombie collection, well I am just simply a huge fan, so the addition of these cute little zombie fishies was easy!  This is featured, with other artists, at IKESWORLDCHALLENGE BLOG. For this Pour I used only Little Piggy Pigment's and triple thick verathane and minwax.  Underneath that, is a "pillow" of Glidden House paint, which I use because it works so much better with Pigments.  It is thick and allows the Pigments to "roll" rather than fly all over in a "more" unpredictable manner.  Please email me if you have any more questions about the Pour. Be Blessed Always, Samara To give you a better look at IKE'S cuties...